France Mitrofanoff

Born in: 1942



French artist born in 1942, France Mitrofanoff has produced numerous exhibitions and monumental works; Her practice can be placed at the border between the lyrical abstraction (in a frenzy of painting texture: stains, drippings, splashes... ) on the one hand and and the visual pleasure of perfectly articulated shapes on the other.

Her works from the beginning of her career are in the lineage of the COBRA painters. The strength of the forms and the explosion of contours set the colors free of the constraints imposed by drawing. The colors are fluid and without restraint, and they get carried away and transform into enigmatic shapes that depict moods and feelings rather than objects.

In the 80s, France Mitrofanoff lived on boathouse and this experience transformed his work. Living at the whim of the waves, locked under the light that flows from the ceiling, she began to create shapes that seemed to be frozen inside her floating architecture. There are frames everywhere, skylight above, windowsills behind: the gestures of the body are constantly facing the constraints of architecture. The light helps the artist sketch up this prison impression.

The color returns at the beginning of the 90s. The forms become decorative, as well as the colors. A tropical feel animates his paintings. Palm trees and feathers revive a natural space where, up until then, the city and the industrial settings were prevalent.

Then, huge plantations appear and make the viewer dream of lush forests.
Life returns, as sap running through huge tree trunks.

The artist has received numerous awards:
-bronze medal in the European Paintin Award, Oostende, Belgium.
-Victor Choquet Award Medal, Paris.
-Medal of Le Bourget City.
- Painting Award of the city of Vitry in 1974, 1975 and 197

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