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Val Giovanni

Born in: 1969


Val Giovanni is a French artist who lives and works in the outskirts of Paris. The works of Val Giovanni create unusual space where actual urbanism combines pictorial abstraction and traditional symbols. She shares a love of urban modernity and innate passion for the traditions, ancestors, civilization. Her approach is obvious: symbols and aluminum are mixed in order to reconcile ancient and modern societies. Her work reveals the explosive power of the city, welcoming men from here and elsewhere, of today and yesterday, in a steady energetic flow. Themes and colors are designed to restore the position of the person in the middle of nature, in the center of its origin, in the center of the universe. This path is also an initiatory path on which Val searches for her identity too. This is the road where a picture reveals the secret origin. Her works is not driven during the time frames. There is no past, no future, only the present. The present time which is able to transform memory into heritage. Val Giovanni's work can be defined by one sentence : "Is abstraction the only way to paint reality?"
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