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Maximilien Luce

Born in: 1858


Maximilien Luce (1858-1941) is a major figure of the Neo-Impressionist movement, he is originally from Paris. An activist, engraver, protrayer and poster maker, he composes committed illustrations. He studied engraving taking evening classes and was the pupil of master Carolus Duran. He did his first painting in 1876 after working as an assitant for some time. Coming from a family of workmen, he focuses on infusing egalitarian values through his pieces.

He frequented some of the greatest master painters, Camille Pissarro, Paul Signac Georges Seurat, Theo Van Rysselberghe and Louis Valtat, fathers of the Neo-Impressionist School. He stayed in contact during many years with several of them, Seurat and Valtat......

Maximilien Luce explores the techniques of Divisionism and Pointillism, created by Georges Seurat, and other more classical techniques some years later. He celebrates harmony, light as well humbleness, specially with the representation of workmen. He dissects color, shades and plays with the light, and directs men from the shadow to the light. Sensible to the subject of la Commune in 1871, he painted a portrait with "Vive la Commune" in 1910. From that date on, he drifted away from a divisionist practice to embrace a post-impressionist style. In 1935, he replaced Paul Signac, director of the Society of Independent Artists.

He has illustrated popular anarchist newspapers "Le Pere Peinard" and "La Revolte". His work is prolific, he has done 2000 oil paintings (pastels, gouaches and watercolors) and more than a hundred engravings.
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Maximilien Luce, Etude de jeune homme, Drawing

Maximilien Luce

Etude de jeune homme, 1906
13.8 x 17.7 x 0.8 inch

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