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Pierre Voituriez

Born in: 1962


Born in 1962, Pierre Voituriez is a French sculptor. He lives and work in Oise. Pierre Voituriez studied fine arts at the School of Fine Arts of Besançon, he then specialized and did an apprenticeship in ironwork.The artist creates animals whose visual aspect resembles characters from cartoons or from children's books. Pierre Voituriez brings to life playful, generous and kind animals in a poetic and refined style. Pierre Voituriez loves working by series. He creates dogs, birds, foxes and horses with features that reminds the observers the books of Flanaghan and the portraits of Antan or Daumier. His pieces are present in numerous French, Swiss, English, Russian and American collections.
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  • Sculpture

  • Sculpture Animal

  • Sculpture Bronze

  • French Artist

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Pierre Voituriez, Le goupil 2, Sculpture

Pierre Voituriez

Le goupil 2, 2015
19.7 x 27.6 x 6.3 inch


Pierre Voituriez, La hase, Sculpture

Pierre Voituriez

La hase, 2015
15.4 x 23.6 x 15.4 inch


Pierre Voituriez, Le renard interloqué, Sculpture

Pierre Voituriez

Le renard interloqué, 2015
48.8 x 25.6 x 43.3 inch


Pierre Voituriez, Le fourbe, Sculpture

Pierre Voituriez

Le fourbe, 2015
23.2 x 57.1 x 18.5 inch


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Galerie Gilbert Dufois

Pierre Voituriez - Trophées (Trophies)
From April, 1 To July, 8 2017

Galerie Gilbert Dufois

François Glineur & Pierre Voituriez -
From September, 8 To October, 22 2016

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