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Romain Froquet

Born in: 1982



Romain Froquet is a French artist, born in Villeurbanne in 1982. The artist lives and works in Paris. A self-taught artist, his artistic career began in 2000.

He is inspired by ethnic and urban art. There are many references in his work, such as Arshile Gorky, Pollock, De Kooning… Romain Froquet has a rich style, filled with references.

Through a repeated process and precise strokes, he is able to put together a unique pictorial language, reflecting his subconscious. On the borders of abstraction and figuration, at crossroads with movement and strokes, Romain Froquet's work is a surrealistic battle. His quest for balance needs to count on his movement. He has a sound expertise on drawings in Indian ink on paper but also likes to experiment with material and color on canvas, in his studio.

"Abstraction allows us to see with our mind, perceive those things which one isn't able to see physically with the eyes...Abstract art gives the artist the power to look beyond the concrete aspect, remove infinite from the finite. It's a freedom of spirit...An explosion towards unknown lands" says the artist.

He is well-known internationally due to his exhibitions and artistic residencies in France, India, USA and Russia.

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Romain Froquet, Coordonnées, Painting

Romain Froquet

Coordonnées, 2015
97 x 146 x 3 cm

3 000 €

Romain Froquet, Solstice, Print

Romain Froquet

Solstice, 2016
60 x 40 x 4 cm

350 €

Romain Froquet, Midnight Blue, Sculpture

Romain Froquet

Midnight Blue, 2017
60 x 40 x 1 cm

475 €

Romain Froquet, Hephaistos, Painting

Romain Froquet

Hephaistos, 2016
114 x 195 x 5 cm

4 000 €

Romain Froquet, astral, Painting

Romain Froquet

astral, 2016
116 x 89 x 4 cm

2 200 €

Romain Froquet, Dear Dad, Painting

Romain Froquet

Dear Dad, 2016
100 x 81 x 4 cm

Sold out

Romain Froquet, Bohémia, Sculpture

Romain Froquet

Bohémia, 2017
60 x 40 x 1 cm

475 €

Romain Froquet, Circonstance, Painting

Romain Froquet

Circonstance, 2016
64 x 84 x 2 cm

1 560 €

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