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Bruno Schiepan

Born in: 1959


Bruno Schiepan is a French artist, born in 1959 in Lyon, he currently lives and works in Paris.

Known for his work on the famous collection "Tulip" of Saarinen edited by Knoll and Bruno Schiepan creates a unique universe where each one of his paintings seem to belong to a bigger whole. The collection presented here occupies a special place in his work; a single subject seems to obsess him: human representation, but it is an unpredictable man, a motive that should be surpassed to let the compositions and colors absorb us.

Bruno has been using the same vocabulary since the beginning of his career: there's no emptiness in his paintings, the surface are cut like the pieces of a puzzle where the colors sensibly absorb the shocks .Nothing disturbs the surface of the oil paint where the fake pixels contain deceptive depths. Even if his palette of colors is kind of bright and clear, the pattern is a support where Bruno Schiepan still feels the need to create.

The sobriety of his visual language and the reiterative character of his compositions tend towards an abstraction that he develops in other collections Here the figure is like a first degree, an obvious necessary sense. His forms, however, lead us farther than the stories he shows us. His characters, frozen in an objectless expectation, tell us something about our times. Similar to the clones we are promised, everything in them is part of the vain quest for a perfect world.
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