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Enfant Précoce / Francis Essoua Kalu

Born in: 1989


Francis Essoua Kalu is a young artist from Cameroon, born in 1989. He currently lives and works in Paris.

Francis Essoua Kalu never took any drawing or painting lessons, but he has always let his imagination flow, he gets inspired by the work of his uncle, Malam, who is his spiritual and artistic guide.

However, his approach is different because he draws his inspiration from fantasized representations of an Africa that saw him get born and which inhabits his dreams since childhood. Francis Essoua Kalu wants to make works that speak to people of all ages and his works to be perceived as stories.

Before he began painting, the artist searched for a long time by drawing abstract characters from his imagination.This is why he prefers to work with a pen because the lines can not be erased, that way he can create new shapes in each new creation.

The artist's techniques have evolved since then and his lines and shapes are now colored (acrylic and oil paint) whether on canvas, paper, wood or cardboard on a digital format.

Sometimes he chooses the name of his design before he even starts drawing it. Sometimes he thinks about the title for a long time before deciding, but there is no particular rule. What he values the most is spontaneity. If he becomes aware that a certain name can interfere with the way a piece is perceived, the artist readily admits that he sometimes enjoys blurring the lines of reference.

Francis Essoua Kalu is not a politically engaged artist, even if he is not insensitive to social problems, he wants to share his dreamlike world because he considers that no one should feel excluded from the realm of fantasy.
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