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Diane Chesnel

Born in: 1952


Diane Chesnel is a French photographer born in 1952. Passionate about photography as well as for painting, Diane Chesnel is a self taught artist. Its been some years since she discovered the treatment of images with the computer, which allows her to combine these two great practices. Nevertheless, she prefers photography because of the speed with which you can capture an image. Diane's photographs are horizons captured in a tight frame in which the power, the lines, the colors and the shadows are the main component of the composition. After taking the photo, Diane modifies the image on the computer, where she intensifies all the aspects, which can take several hours of work. Diane Chesnel always depicts her environment, her photographs are tributes to the landscapes that surround her. In addition, they have a great sense of composition and a very solid structure, a stability that always captivates the viewer. Diane Chesnel is passionate about painting and she finds inspiration in the work of the great masters of the nineteenth and the twentieth century, from William Turner to Mark Rothko.
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  • French Artist

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