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Madeleine Ossikian

Born in: 1970


Madeleine Ossikian is an Armenian artist born in St Étienne in 1970. Madeleine was a child who seemed a bit lost at the crossroads between her original country and France. Madeleine started studying fine arts at St Etienne, where she graduated a few years later with a D.E.A. degree, with a "very good" grade average mention. Madeleine wanted to continue her artistic career so she began teaching. She quickly decided to sign her paintings with her nickname "Madame Mado". It was only in 2006 that Madeleine decided to become a professional artist. Just like when she was a child, Madeleine has always been searching for her place in this world, her works are formally figurative, whimsical, with bright colors and universal. Madeleine Ossikian creates her pieces through several techniques of acrylics and collages. Her work highlights several universal topics, such as: Man, rural and everyday scenes, the female figure, escape, freedom and love.
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Madeleine Ossikian, Esprit Voyage (Tour du Monde), Painting

Madeleine Ossikian

Esprit Voyage (Tour du Monde), 2016
51.2 x 35.4 x 1.2 inch

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Power of Love


Power of Love
From April, 15 To July, 15 2016

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