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Amandine Lasa


A draftswoman and visual artist, Amandine Lasa was born in Paris, where she owns a studio located on the Faubourg St Antoine street.

While participating in "MCS Crew", where she practiced graffiti, Amandine Lasa obtained a bachelor's degree in language and literature of foreign civilizations. Fascinated by the relationship between thoughts and language as well as by the relationship between the mind, hands and material, she got trained in carpentry and opened her own studio in 2005.

Her artistic practice revolves around the reflection of the material, its state and what we perceive, and questions it through her activity as a wood maker and designer. Working with wood, needs a certain approach and attention to detail, which allows to speculate the multiple temperaments of this material. Then the desire to capture it comes along, so as to transcribe them, there is a dialog which settles in through thousand repeated gestures, mundane feelings and new intuitions.

Since 2014, the relationship between mind and matter play a key role in her work. She started working on a collection of drawings on which she is still working till date. For this collection of drawings, which she named "Black Matter, Gray Matter" she uses a unique tool: a thin marker. With the technique of "3 points/second" the subjects and the shapes emerge by a mechanical pounding, creating a succession of points.

Lasa's creations translate this immersion in a universe in which interior and exterior frameworks are suddenly intertwined, highlighting the marks left by "reality". Questioning their mutual, spatial, temporal unity, and then lays them out paper. A material comes into being, which is alternative, unstable and ephemeral in terms of time.

"My work focuses on the graphical representation of subjective matters, between each point there is a space, a suspension, a jump towards.."
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  • French Artist

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Matière Noire / Matière Grise

Espace Seven

Matière Noire / Matière Grise
From June, 3 To June, 30 2016