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Philippe Ringot

France Born in: 1979
Translation in progress

Philippe Ringot is a french artist based in Lille, in the north
of the country. Originally a psychoanalyst, he turned to photography, first as
a hobby. He then became aware of the potentials of the medium and decided to
dedicate himself to it in a more professional capacity. He has however kept his
practice as an analyst and his artistic and psychoanalytic works inform each

Philippe Ringot's works are cyanotypes, or in other words photographic blueprints, a
technique historically used to easily duplicate photographs or drawings.
However, ringot reinvests the technique to give it a more modern twist. Using
all the potential of the medium, he creates powerful contrasts in tones,
overlap images or makes the ink drip. The process endows the photographs with a
ghostly aura that has a strong evocative power.

is not uninteresting to link Ringot's photographic exploration to his practice
as an analyst. In a couple of seascapes, Ringot shows the sea as a dark mass,
overflowing the image, somehow leaking. This could be interpreted as a
representation of the repressed desires making their way to the surface of
consciousness. Some works consist in an overlap of similar images, in others
the photographs are merely juxtaposed in what appear to be a random order. This
could point to the way truth is reached in an analysis : by unearthing the link
between seemingly disconnected ideas.

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Philippe Ringot, Pelargonium I, Photography

Philippe Ringot

Pelargonium I, 2019
27.6 x 19.7 inch


Philippe Ringot, Herbal Skull 3, Photography

Philippe Ringot

Herbal Skull 3, 2020
27.6 x 19.7 inch


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