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Fabrice Fanjoux

France Born in: 1959
Born in Charité sur Loire in 1959, Fabrice Fanjoux left his village in 1979 to work in a workshop of scenery and signalling in Paris.

Without knowing Robert Indiana or Roy Lichtenstein, the friar in the design and the beauty of the colors of the signs advertising the potentialities of an artistic language.

However, the idea of being a sculptor he is not any of suite and it installs in Auvergne in the early years 80. After three years of evening classes of drawing at the school of fine arts, and a year's training among the companions carpenters, he worked as production designer for 6 years.

Toward 1987, it is close to the sculpture to experiment with an intuitive work on marble and stone of Volvic in workshop. At the beginning of years 90, under the influence of Anne Calaguig, it is sensitized to the pictorial expression modern and contemporary with artists such as Jackson Pollock, Cy Twombly, Sam Francis and Giacometti. The latter prompts them to pursue a modeling language interpreter and bulky.

In 1997, the time of the assertion is ripe. Fabrice Fanjoux decided to return to Paris to engage in a sculpture to the bright shapes and tense, fruit of all experiences of the past.

At the dawn of 2000, he discovered the founding texts of Hinduism and has engaged in Yoga. This meeting materializes on the plan of the sculpture by research more formal or emerge a generic form.

Since the opening of the Corbel Gallery which he is a major artist, painter Fabrice enriches his pictorial language in a graphic work to the contours supported and very crisp.

Running solid colors of pure color and pushing the simplification formalistic in its maximum, it is appropriate the aesthetic conventions of graphic design.
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