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Born in: 1987


Born in 987, Mantra is a young self-taught painter. During his childhood, Mantra discovered as many urban landscapes as the countryside. A city-dweller at heart, he irrevocably remains attached to natural elements, mainly animals (butterflies, owls). He stages life-like and realistic paintings. His love for nature can be felt in his paintings and he tries to give them a meaningful position in the city, by creating beautiful animals on the walls of streets. Mantra develops an artistic approach which allows him to repeat patterns by changing their scale. His street-art stands out due to his fast performance and its large scale. His reputation has gone beyond France today, the artist creates art on walls of the streets in Vienna, Brussels, Lima, Seattle, Quito or Bogota.
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Mantra, La remise de l'enthomologiste, Painting


La remise de l'enthomologiste, 2016
23.6 x 35.4 x 1.2 inch

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Galerie 36e ART

From June, 11 To July, 31 2016

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