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Blo is a French artist who practices urban art. It was in Lyon during his youth that Blo discovered the world of graffiti. He started tagging the streets of the city, satisfying his desire to paint and to vandalize, to leave a trace.

Blo perverts every aspect of life with his ironic, and black humored style. His paintins questions our dailylife, interrogating delicate subjects such as sex, religion and death. The body of women is often represented from a sexual perspective, the object of the wildest desires.
His painting is raw, instinctive and more and more figurative. Blo works fast, leaving no time to his hand to doubt about his movements. He frequently uses spray and marker, in tribute to graffiti. Even if he now works in a studio, he has not forgotten the streets. On the contrary, he is always active as a graffiti artist, he draws his inspiration from the complementarity of these two universes to enrich his style.

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Blo, Untitled, Painting


Untitled, 2010
100 x 80 cm

2 100 €

Blo, Méditation, Painting


Méditation, 2017
130 x 97 x 3 cm

5 000 €

Blo, Myths, Painting


Myths, 2017
130 x 97 x 3 cm

5 000 €

Blo, Landscape, Painting


Landscape, 2017
100 x 120 x 3 cm

4 800 €

912 Arty Gallery

From May, 20 To July, 16 2017
Lourmarin - France

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