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Nicolas Perigois

Born in: 1981



Nicolas Perigois was born in Reims in 1981. After studying art history, he decided to start painting autodidactically.

Inspired by the Renaissance and Fauvism, he gives color a main role in his work.

Nicolas Perigous usually works with oil paint but tries to diversify his techniques in order to not be confined to a predefined style. The curve has been an essential element in his approach to painting. At the beginning it was an omnipresent element in his work, it allowed him to approach one of his favorite subjects: maternity. From full and voluptuous curves, Nicolas Perigois then shifted to more angular shapes.

To paint his characters, he gets inspired by artists such as Constantin Brancusi or Giacometti, both sculptors.

Nicolas Périgois loves depicting feelings such as loneliness, sadness, compassion, nostagia etc in order to achieve this, he creates characters with expressive features, that speak directly to the viewer and invite him to be part of the piece, to become part of the painting.

The artist explores as well other subjects such as the marine world, nature etc

Since 2005, Nicolas Perigois exhibits his works in several cities in France.

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Nicolas Perigois, Chat'rlie Chat'plin, Painting

Nicolas Perigois

Chat'rlie Chat'plin, 2017
36.6 x 28.7 x 0.8 inch


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