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Liliwenn originates from the fringes of the Atlantic Ocean, "lace that can often seem much like the edge of the world. Her work is defined by an exploration of paradoxes and contrasts which is at once torturous and utopian, wild and serene, definitely resilient. Concurrently with her personal work, as a free agent she punctually collaborates with painters, musiciansmd directors from various countries.
In 2009, she was spotted by a brand of street wear clothing based in Bristol, and worked with them jn the launch of a limited edition clothing line that included the painting
'The Little Girl'. In 2010, her local council called upon her to design an entier apartment block. Then, several months later she set up the 'Crimes of Minds' project, aiming to inform, develop and push the boundaries of street art. In 2011 she played a part in videos: for instance, she painted a fresco in a promo for the ASM's hit 'Splice the Mainbrace' in Paris, and she organized the movie shooting of 'Crimes of the Mind' with the director Pierre Jampy and the musician Mattic (Wax Tailor crew & The Others) in Brest.
Notwithstanding her track record as an art director and her interest in combining various forms of art, Liliwenn is first of all a painter. Working on canvas, wood or:gther materials, in urban environments and urbex (abandoned places), Liliwenn experiments various techniques, working with acrylic resin, ink, aerosol and recently oil paint
This artist likes noble stuff, like wood which displays a form fflife and its history through nodes and veins. Her artistic work focuses on the wild nature of any being without any cultural, social or generational distinction, as we are all made of flesh and bones.
her work combines metaphorical and symbolical aspects, always playing with the dissonances between fragiliiyj'blidity, life, death, resilience and hope, in particular through femininity and this connection to nature from which we cannot escape, even if we are living in a 2.0 world. This is a return to basics, to the very fuel of life, of its cycles and permanent renewal. These scenes, sometimes tormented, mixing delicacy and poetry intermingle with different times and fantasizing with a touch of realism, calling for everyone's imagination, trying to generate in the first place the emotion that lies in each of us.
Eager for discovering and sharing, she took part in a number of underground and street art events in different countries and she was invited to paint andlo showcase her work in exhibitions in England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Tunisia and Argentina. She also took part in art auctions at the Palais d'léna, Hotel Drouot, Tajan, Artcurial in Paris and she let a mark in some cities like Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin or Buenos Aires to mention a few. One can find a part of her work in several books, magazines and websites all around the world. Her goal : breaking down borders and boundaries, emphasise freedom and express visceral emotion with a pinch of dreamlike poetry.

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- août 2015 :
Exposition collective - "Urban in Ibiza" - Ibiza (Espagne)

- juin 2014 :
Mural - Djerbahood - Erriadh (Tunisie)

- avril 2014 :
Mural - Berlin (Allemagne)

- 20 mars 2014 :
Vente/auction Artcurial au profit d'Autisme sans frontières - Champs Elysées, Paris 8e

- janvier 2014 :
Mural - Los Angeles (US)

- 30 décembre 2013 20h40 :
Film reportage "Street Art, Art & Résistance" (chaîne Normandie TV)

- 5 décembre 2013 :
Sortie sur le net film documentaire "Crimes of Minds", clôture du projet

- 1er au 31 octobre 2013 :
Exposition murale "La Tour 13" - organisé par la Galerie Itinerrance - www.tourparis13 - Quai d'Austerlitz, Paris 13ème (France)

- 16 au 28 juillet 2013 :
Mural + Exposition collective/group show, Rétrospective "Crimes of Minds" - Ateliers des Capucins, Brest (France)

- 14 juillet 2013 20h40 :
Reportage TV série documentaire Streetosphère (chaîne Voyage)

- 23 mai 2013 :
Sortie en librairies. Création, coordination et direction artistique du livre "Crimes of Minds" Auteur Marie Aschehoug-Clauteaux / Critères Editions

- 24 avril 2013 :
Vente/auction Etude Tajan - Au profit d'Autisme France - Paris 8è (France)

- 15 février 2013, 20h50 :
Reportage émission TV Thalassa (France3)

- 2011, 2012, 2013 :
Directrice Artistique & fondatrice - Projet Crimes of Minds Organisé et géré par l'association Sugar Rush - Brest (France)
Art Director & founder - Crimes of Minds Project Managed by the Sugar Rush non-profit organisation - Brest (France) www.crimesofminds.com

- Août 2012 :
Exposition collective/group show - Urban in Ibiza (Espagne)

- 21/22 juin 2012 :
Exposition/Vente/group show/auction avec l'Etude Piasa "Art Contemporain" - Hôtel Drouot / Paris 9è

- Juin 2012 :
Mural en collaboration avec Bom K dans le cadre du projet Crimes of Minds Episode #12 - Brest (France)

- 31 Mars 2012 :
Exposition collective/group show "International W Collective" - 44309 Gallery - Dortmund (Allemagne)

- 29 mars 2012 :
Exposition collective/group show "1st Cut" - West Bank London Art Gallery / Edition limitée de 25 prints sur papier d'art - Notting Hill/Londres (UK)

- 14 janvier 2012 :
Signature du livre/Book sign "Vitry vit le Street Art" - Librairie Beaubourg - Paris (France)

- 10 decembre 2011 :
Signature du livre/Book sign "Vitry vit le Street Art" - Palais de Tokyo - Paris (France)

- 11 au 13 novembre 2011 :
Mural - Meeting of Styles - Buenos Aires (Argentine)

- 4 septembre au 16 octobre 2011 :
Exposition collective/group show - "Female Street Art On The Roof" & "Urban Queen" Currated by Inner Walls & Urban Painting - Milan (Italie)

- 15 au 18 août 2011 :
Mural dans le cadre du projet Crimes of Minds - Brest (France) Invités : OAOFB (vidéo) - Chrixcel (Photos)

- 8 au 16 août 2011 :
Exposition collective/group show - Urban in Ibiza, Atzaro Hôtel - Ibiza (Espagne)

- 26 au 28 juillet 2011 :
Mural/Tournage vidéo clip des ASM (A State of Mind) avec David Sedlaczek (Director) - Paris

- 7 juillet au 7 août 2011 :
Exposition collective/group show "Bank Job" - West Bank London Art - Londres (UK)

- 23 au 25 juin 2011 :
Organisation et participation - Tournage vidéo clip de Mattic avec Pierre Jampy (Director) - Brest (France) dans le cadre du projet Crimes of Minds

- 28 au 30 mai 2011 :
Exposition collective/group show au profit de SOS Racisme - Palais de Iéna - Paris, 16e + Vente/auction caritative réalisée par l'Etude Pierre Berger le 30

- 29 mai 2011 :
Signature/book sign du livre "Vitry vît le street art" - Vitry-sur-Seine 94 (France)

- 28 avril au 28 mai 2011 :
Exposition collective/group show "Urban Invasion" - West Bank London Art - Londres (UK)

- 15 avril au 15 mai 2011 :
Organisation et participation exposition collective "Crimes of Minds - 1st episode" Currator and artist for the group show "Crimes of Minds - 1st episode"
Maison de la Fontaine - Brest (France)

- 6 avril au 6 mai 2011 :

Exposition collective/group show sur le livre "40 street artists au carré" Glaz'art Porte de la Villette - Paris (France)

- 28 janvier au 12 février 2011 :

Exposition collective/group show "Rue-Stick" - MuseAAV - Nice (France)

- 10 décembre 2010 :

Projet Palimpseste par Zilda - Rennes (France)

- 20/25 octobre 2010 :

Mural - "La Miroiterie" - Paris (France)

- 9 octobre 2010 :

Inauguration par le Maire de Brest de la fresque sur les écrits (commande publique)

- 6 au 12 septembre 2010 :

Exposition collective/group show - "Schoony boy soldier" Graffik London Gallery (Portobello road) - Londres (UK)

- 2 au 5 septembre 2010 :

Exposition collective/group show - "Schoony boy soldier" BlackAll Studios - Léonard Street Gallery (Shoreditch) - Londres (UK)

- 21 août 2010 :

Mural "Meeting of Styles" - Londres (UK)

- 8 au 16 août 2010 :

Exposition collective/group show - "Urban In Ibiza" - Atzaro hôtel - Ibiza (Espagne)

- 25, 26, 27 juin 2010 :

Exposition collective/group show - Galerie Dunia Wall painting - Vitryjam (urban art event) - Paris/Vitry sur Seine (France)

- 8 juin 2010 :

Mural - Mango Landin - Londres (UK)

- 6 & 7 juin 2010 :

Mural - collaboration avec Indigo (Vancouver - CA) Upfest (urban art event) - Bristol (UK)

- 24 au 31 octobre 2009 :

Exposition collective/group show "Square route" - Organisée par Lielow & Sketch Graham & Oldham gallery - Ipswitch (UK)

- 9 au 31 octobre 2009 :

Mural "Mutate Britain - One Foot In The Grove" (underground art event) Ladbroke Grove - Londres (UK)

- 16 octobre 2009 :

Performance - "Just-o-core" de Conne'Action Salle des Musiques Actuelles La Carène - Brest (France)

- 6 & 7 juin 2009 :

Mural Upfest (urban art festival) - Bristol (UK)

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