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Yong-Man Kwon

Born in: 1972


Yong-Man Kwon is a French painter, he lives and works in Paris. He was born in 1972 in South Korea, where he obtained an artistic teaching diploma in 1991. He then taught drawing before leaving for the U.S in 1996. He then joined the foreign legion in 1999, where he worked as a draftsman, before becoming a painter for the Air Army in 2003, and then the official painter of the Navy in 2012. His technical skills might be obvious, but Yong-Man Kwon is equally virtuoso with color, like the light he uses to highlight his subject, an excuse to use his art's complete potential. He makes several oil "portraits" of ships or planes, Yong-Man Kwon has a fair eye when it comes to portraits, animal paintings or landscapes: his urban compositions sparkle, his interiors have a hint of grandiose nostalgia. With his sharp and quick brush strokes, cities and everyday objects come to life, protected with the light, and seem to quiver, while the spectator admires his work. A legendary artist, famous worldwide, Yong-Man Kwon has received several awards and often exhibits his work. In 2004, he received a bronze medal at the French artists fair. In 2008, he received a prize from the Taylor foundation (he is now the Associate of the Violet Fair) Salon d'Automne. A monumental fresco by Yong-Man Kwon decorates the walls of the Military conservatory of the Versailles-Satory army. Six personal exhibitions were devoted to him in 2016, and earned him great success.
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