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Catherine Zoubtchenko

France Born in: 1937
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Catherine Zoubtchenko (born in 1937) is a Russian-born French artist most well known for her abstract style of painting. She was born in Leningrad, Russia, and was deported along with her parents to Berlin in 1941 by Nazi Germany. She moved to Paris in 1954 where she started her life as an artist. 

Zoubtchenko's work has been circulating in the art market for some time. According to Artnet, she has had paintings sold at Auction as early as 1989. Her paintings usually sell for upwards of €6,000 and even up to €20,000. Her work has been commented upon by Jean-Claude Marcadé and exposed in numerous galleries and museums throughout Europe (especially within France and Russia).

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Catherine Zoubtchenko, L'île de Ré, Painting

Catherine Zoubtchenko

L'île de Ré, 1961
13.8 x 9.8 x 3.9 inch

$ 912

Catherine Zoubtchenko, Souvenir d'une algue, Painting

Catherine Zoubtchenko

Souvenir d'une algue, 1961
15 x 21.7 inch

$ 5,701

Catherine Zoubtchenko, Composition au carré rouge, Painting

Catherine Zoubtchenko

Composition au carré rouge, 1988
13 x 16.1 inch

$ 1,368

Catherine Zoubtchenko, Portrait, Painting

Catherine Zoubtchenko

Portrait, 1963
31.9 x 25.6 inch

$ 3,421

Catherine Zoubtchenko, Composition Abstraite, Painting

Catherine Zoubtchenko

Composition Abstraite, 1960
11 x 13 inch

$ 1,710

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