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Laurent Delhaye

Born in: 1968


Laurent Delhaye was born in the Parisian suburbs in 1968, but left for Le Mans in 1988. Eight years later, he turned towards image. At times a photographer, at times a video maker, the artist collaborates with theater companies. This photographer captures "brute" photos, by placing a mask on top of the face. His fun figures have a trompe l'oeil effect, as they play around with our senses. The artist admits "Several photographers asked me how I managed to make people wear skulls? And when I tell them that it's a montage, they are very surprised'. Skull of a lion, skull of a cow...The variety of masks is rather wide, in order to metamorphose the real. The unusual and incongruous combine to make reality. His encounters lead him to socio-cultural structures, which highlight his work around photography, audiovisual and computer graphics. His work can be read, at the whims of his convictions, which could be like the struggle against AIDS, rejecting any sort of discrimination or even improving living conditions in districts. The artist has been garnering several personal and group exhibitions.
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