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Clément Verdière

Born in: 1990


A painter born in Marseilles, in 1990, Clément Verdière started practicing drawing from an early age. However, painting became his favorite means of expression. In 2015, He met two artists who accelerated his practice. Painters Patrick Hugues and Skundog, who orientated his work towards a creation of excess, of emotion without restraint, without measure. His striking portraits obsess us and obsesses him. Clément Verdière captures the traits that symbolize the whirlwind of life.The dominance of the color blue seems to enclose the subject in a bubble, like the image of something that drowns where the subject merges into the material.
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Clément Verdière, Le Reflet, Painting

Clément Verdière

Le Reflet, 2012
39.4 x 31.9 x 0.8 inch


Clément Verdière, Le Loup, Painting

Clément Verdière

Le Loup, 2017
59.1 x 59.1 x 1.2 inch


Clément Verdière, M, Painting

Clément Verdière

M, 2017
76.8 x 51.2 x 1.2 inch


Clément Verdière, Étreinte, Painting

Clément Verdière

Étreinte, 2017
59.1 x 59.1 x 1.2 inch

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