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Sylvester Engbrox

Born in: 1964


Sylverster Engbrox was born in Germany, in 1964. He doesn't stick to one medium. In 1986, he left his homeland, Dusseldorf and moved to Paris. He has been painting for twenty years but then turned towards photography and graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Photographie in Arles. He received teachings from Arnaud Claass, Christian Milovanoff and Christian Gattinon. He also got the chance to be the assistant photographer of Larry Fink. Once back in Paris, he went back to his first loves and re-began painting in 1994. Sylvester Engbrox draws inspiration through many images, which he finds on the internet or press. He's worried by the abundance of these images, it also makes him anxious, as he loses his bearings and senses. Through his meticulous work of storage, sorting and comparison, the images find a new meaning and the artist materializes this on his canvas " my paintings try to repair space-time, disturbed by a crash, they refine and go hand in hand with what is left: pieces of images put together" (Sylvester Engbrox). The end result is rather bewitching. The figurative representation triggers a blurry, floating like image. Feminine nudity is a recurrent theme, portraying fantasy, pertaining to a quest of senses. The artist exhibits regularly between Germany and France in galleries and contemporary art fairs like ArtParis, Lille Art Fair or Berliner List. Since 2011, he has been teaching at Atelier de Sèvres and has begun photography since 2015.
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