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Roger Courtois

France Born in: 1946
Roger Cortois was born in Foucart in the heart of Pays de Caux, he signed his first painting in 1977. He then joined the Academy of Fine Arts of Rouen until 1985.

Fascinated by the work of the great masters, his work makes reference to artists such as Roy Liechtenstein, Valerio Adami and Matisse. The artist discovered the work of Matisse in 1983. His use of bright and contrasting colors is similar to that of Mondrian.

Roger Courtois explores in an almost obssessive way various shapes which he uses recurrently like the quadrilobe, the curve of the breast, tulip, lemons....With his brush, he exalts the color, glorifies woman and elevates still life to the rank of masterpieces. His rigously figurative artwork gives place to an expressive style. The artists focuses in doing clear contours and striking visual contrasts. His precise and rigorous traits, retain only the essential in flats rich in colors. Where purity dominates. Poet Luis Porquet said about his work " Courtois's images come from solitude and from silence. They try to open our minds to the idea of hapiness, a harmony which comes from intimacy itself. Intimacy with souls, places and objects. The painter does not give a lesson, He only shows us the place where time slowly, poses itself to catch breath".

To explain his work, the artist himself said in 2005 "Successively Post-impressionist (1977-1980), Post-cubist (1981-1983), "narrative-surrealist" (1984-1989), "Figurative-primitive" (1990-2002), in 1981 my completely refined style was based on vertical, horizontal, diagonal lines, circles and arabesque, having a preference for the trait, the line and solid color in a constant, obssessive quest, for the expression of shape and color alone, without any representation. From where it was born in 2002 an object-painting devoid of subject, privileging the act of (painting for the act of painting) just like what I called now my (Courtoisies).

He has exhbited his work in multiple biennales (of Nassandres), in galleries and in random places such as in castles. Roger Courtois has won multiple awards: the Prize of the Salon de Rouen in 1993, and the medal of the Regional Council of Haute-Normandie.
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Roger Courtois, Les fruits de la passion, Painting

Roger Courtois

Les fruits de la passion, 2000
21.3 x 25.6 x 0.8 inch


Roger Courtois, Simplicité, Painting

Roger Courtois

Simplicité, 1999
18.1 x 15 x 0.8 inch


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