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Lucien Murat

France Born in: 1986
Lucien Murat is a French artist graduated from the Central Saint Martins, in London.

"I am fascinated by the concept of the end of the world, its representation and its impact on the “collective unconscious”. For instance, John Martin’s Romanesque imageries or Mikhail Bakhtine elaboration and study of the process of carnivalization have had a major impact on my work which can now be defined as questioning the fantasised grandiose of chaos, constantly flirting between absurd and grotesque.

I am therefore devoting myself to build an absurd universe fulled by historical (e.g. Great Inquisition, death og Joan of Arc, battle of Iwo Jima, etc.) and contemporary references (Iraq War, 9/11, etc.), wich merge together to form a syncretism of huan hidden fear and apprehenions. In this brouhaha, extricated heroes from the golden age or mythology find themselves unable to save humanity and its sybols because everything seems to be conditioned by a fatum that is chaos.
The fragility and inescapability of the human condition, death and the en of the world therefore always appear ineluctable."

Lucien Murat
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