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Elisabeth Fréring

Born in: 1955



Elisabeth Frering was born on December 25, 1955 at Argenteuil.
A graduate of the School Artes Econômicas Aplicadas y Oficios Artisticos (Valencia, Spain), she lives and works in Strasbourg.

The search for pleasure, this oscillation between well-being and pain mysterious, is particularly tangible in the melee force of sweetness of the animals that Elisabeth Frering convened in his drawings or in symbols phalliques.

The fur is very present, it can be transformed in subtle ways in bonsai, barely suggested by the contour to the watercolour white, very thin, of the ?it of a bear-mickey on a black background or, the one with the oil rose, of a woman rabbit.

This exhibitionism symbolized by the pink color, it used almost pure, raw color of the mucous membranes, ghostly spots to the watercolour which punctuate many of his drawings, reflects this envy that the artist experienced to explore the tales, small stories oscillating between naivety and eroticism, or to lie in the face of mythological representations and to explore the mysteries while we speaking of the desire and the fear that it may generate.

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