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Jonas Bournat SUN7

Born in: 1977


Born in 1977, lives and works in Paris.

Translating calligraphic techniques of street art into fine arts, he creates a unique visual language pushing the margins of contemporary art.
An exploration of graffiti culture as a teenager grew into installation and performance work that soon opened the world's eyes to his art.

When Bournat’s father suffered a stroke, it was a rude awakening for the young artist. This experience marked a distinct turning point in his career, and he began to eternalize memories through his letterforms, questioning who we are at present in connection to our memory. Capturing the impact of spontaneity and self expression as well as the action of live art on canvases allowed him to expose art pieces in galleries around the world.

Jonas ‘Sun7’ Bournat is known for his dense meshwork of calligraphy. A sort of typographical gridding, through which we can distinguish the gold and chrome portraits that are so important to him. Glyphs and graphics have always been at the heart of his artistic style—they are the first elements to catch your attention, and though they are the most evident amongst the artist's work material, they alone are not sufficient to describe his work.

Except for the more obvious references (Apollinaire-like concrete poetry, oriental illuminations, American writers, tattoos, pop art, etc.), Sun7 has always prioritized the spontaneous energy that unfolds pure and raw through his work, leaving a signature in every one of his pieces. Finding a way of expression through the profusion of large ornamental calligraphy, pictorial surfaces always seem on the verge of spilling over to the space reserved for writing. This energy materializes in an even more intense and violent manner through the releases, loops, projections and eruptions that formally compose the background of his pieces. Like scenes from the beginning of the world, his backdrops are far from being simple support for the portraits and calligraphy but are in fact essential for the artist constituting the heart of his artistic quest.
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  • French Artist

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Live painting performance Sun7 & Onega Gallery

Galerie Onega

Live painting performance Sun7 & Onega Gallery
From October, 10 To October, 11 2015