Born in: 1973



Tilt is a French artist, born in Toulouse in 1973. His background is in street art and he has been involved in graffiti for more than 25 years. He discovered this style of art as a teenager in his home town. It was a revelation: his new passion led him to leave Toulouse for the train lines of the Bronx in New York, in search of the perfect wall. Tilt describes himself as a graffiti artist.

Tilt’s mastery of graffiti techniques has propelled him to stardom on the international stage. Beyond graffiti’s aesthetic nature, it has the ability to give meaning to an object, to divert its primary function to give it a new status. Through this art, Tilt appropriates a number of abandoned objects, breathing new life into them. As part of this, he uses bubble letters, the famous letters with recognisable curves which are found across the artist’s work.
Changing an object’s status: that’s what Tilt’s art is all about, along with a political message. The artist uses plenty of objects of destruction as part of his work, transforming them into inoffensive items through the use of colours and lettering.

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Tilt, Gold Flop Porcelain by Tilt, Sculpture


Gold Flop Porcelain by Tilt, 2017
10 x 24 x 7 cm

600 €

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