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Umo Masada

France Born in: 1977
Born in 1977, Umo Masada is an Artist from Papua, New Guinea.

He is the living incarnation of the cultural shock. In 1984, while he was living with his tribe, he met an ethnologist, who was visiting his region. This encounter was a major turning point in his life. He slowly discovered the Western culture, beginning with Arnold & Willy, followed by the Hip Hop culture and eventually street art through the Beat Street documentary.

After discovering this, Umo Masada couldn't live without this art. He began drawing relentlessly, on shells and trees, a discipline which caused many fatal blows, until the artist took it really far. His tribe disowned him, as he tagged a sacred tree, Eywa.

He now lives between Paris and Tours and continues his art. He mainly works wth colors and contrasts, which give depth and a tangible soul to his work.
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