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Philippe Soussan

France Born in: 1961
Philip Soussan is a French artist who lives and works in Paris.

The images in the image of Philip Soussan stimulate a will-and-originates infinite between our senses and our reason, our concepts and the reality, our apprehension of the equipment and the intangible. What do we see? How do we see ?? By what alchemy the conscience of the vision of a thing, a be or a concept is formed? What is it that gives the impression to do or not to do presence? What are the images we, preexisting or acquired, which guide our representations?
Philippe Soussan, through his photographs, transports us to the borders of possible unifications between the substance and the games of the mind.

His work set the stage for both plastic and photographic, a furniture of usefulness, practice, transformed a chair in pretext to question us on the genesis of mental representations, for from in search of what could be "the thing mental". Barely have we decrypts a photographic construction of Philippe Soussan, reassured, that the minute after, in reviewing the drawing, here we are once again lost in the creases and folds of internal composition. Philippe Soussan imposes a hesitation, a decline on the veracity or the illusion of these reproductions, we will have to accept. This dipper intended by the artist, or our direction and our logic shall engage in a dialog, will the photograph, medium a priori static, moving, making it elusive otherwise by rupture or scraps.
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