CharlElie Couture

Born in: 1956



CharlElie Couture is a French artist born in 1956.

He studied at the Beaux-Arts Nancy during the 70's and has been living between Paris and New York, where he works.

CharlElie Couture is a multidisciplinary artist. Known for his music and visual work, he has been multiplying his creations. His canvases are a mix of painting, photography which communicate. His mixed techniques reveals new landscapes.

Fascinated by big cities, its odds, CharlElie naturally turned towards New York. In a series of urban photos, he captures alleys of big cities and rediscovers them through a sharp brush.

He is realistic and representative while painting, except for some works which are abstract, as they reveal the essence of the street. Just like a true window, which helps see the city better.

Suddenly, one can see a man in his images occupying space. Through a thick white or black stroke, the figure is represented under all its angles, back, front, profile, right, left. A human weathercock. Musician and visual artist, photographer and painter, CharlElie's approach is Total Art. He wants his mediums to communicate and reveal expression.

Since 1976, the artist's work has been exhibited in several personal exhibitions, galleries from Paris to New York, not to mention Switzerland and Belgium and cultural institutions.

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CharlElie Couture, New York (le bonnet blanc), Painting

CharlElie Couture

New York (le bonnet blanc), 2016
43 x 33 cm

1 600 €

CharlElie Couture, Manhattan Photo-Grafs, Photography

CharlElie Couture

Manhattan Photo-Grafs, 2009
60 x 60 x 3 cm

1 200 €

CharlElie Couture, N.Y. au feu rouge, Painting

CharlElie Couture

N.Y. au feu rouge, 2016
25.5 x 20.5 cm

850 €

CharlElie Couture, New York, Painting

CharlElie Couture

New York, 2016
100 x 100 x 3 cm

5 000 €

CharlElie Couture, New York street, Painting

CharlElie Couture

New York street, 2016
100 x 100 x 3 cm

5 000 €

CharlElie Couture, New-York, Painting

CharlElie Couture

New-York, 2013
65 x 50 cm

1 900 €

CharlElie Couture, A-C Vertigo, Painting

CharlElie Couture

A-C Vertigo, 2010
100 x 100 x 3 cm

5 200 €

CharlElie Couture, Greatnesses, Painting

CharlElie Couture

Greatnesses, 2015
130 x 176 x 2 cm

20 000 €

912 Arty Gallery

Group Show - Summer 2016
From July, 17 To September, 9 2016
Lourmarin - France

Galerie Brugier Rigail

CharlElie Couture
From April, 2 To April, 13 2016
Paris - France

912 Arty Gallery

Group Show - Spring 2016
From March, 4 To March, 31 2016
Lourmarin - France

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