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Elisa Cossonnet

Born in: 1974


Elisa Cossonnet is a painter, she was born in 1974 in a Franco-Canadian family, she is from Nimes.She graduated from the Lyon School of Fine Arts in 1998 and studied illustration at Emile Cohl school of Lyon. Since 2002, she has been devoting herself to her passion and illustrating children's books, stamps, wine labels... A worthy heiress of Egon Schiele (fine and delicate work, all the while twisting characters), Cossonnet also combines various other influences: Tintin, Asterix, Obelix...She draws inspiration from her very own personal life: her twin sister, her father (the character "with the big nose"). A journey in India heightened her aesthetic and ethical eye: colors intertwine and her painting is like a universal hymn. Through expressionist paintings and instinctive strokes, Elisa Cossonnet's painting depicts extreme sensitivity. The painter treats her art like a refuge, the one of childhood and carefree dreams but also an aspect which confronts reality after long redeeming. The artist intensifies her own story,torments and past demons, and today her generosity towards others. Her paintings highlight fragility. Her brush strokes are precise and vigorous, they shape up intense sensitivity. Pictorial sensibility fill up the canvas with gentle melancholy. The looks of the characters are touching but heartrending too. She is open about her emotions when it comes to painting, her characters are bewitchingly sincere. As for us the spectators, her characters are able to trigger strong emotions which are nothing but true feelings. "It's true, a face likes figures looks at us under intense light...Shimmering eyes with trickled tears...The two birds are alive but separately...There is immense silence, since forever, I don't have the words to express this feeling but I understand this unseizable side of life! The beauty of the untouchable aspect..." says Elisa Cossonnet.
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