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Geneviève Nicolet Woelfli


Geneviève Nicolet Woelfi is a French painter and visual artist originally from Avignon. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Montpellier and from the School of Decorative Arts of Limoges and then obtained a degree in plastic arts from the University of Strasbourg, city in which she currently lives and works. Her artistic research led her to start drawing and work with calligraphy, textiles... The artist explored the qualities of Himalayan paper, and then chose to turn towards the technique of encaustic. The latter, dates back to antiquity, but it is still present in contemporary art, for example in Jasper Johns, it involves working with wax. Throught this technique, she transmits an artistic sensibility focused on movement and the fugacity of sensations. The material induces a way :to heat, cover, engrave, melt are actions that give place to the pieces and gives it meaning. The wax hides, isolates, protects and perpetuates.The pieces are thus populated by translucent colors that seem to retain the traces of movement.
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Strasbourg passionnément, à la folie

AIDA Galerie

Strasbourg passionnément, à la folie
From February, 4 To February, 16 2017