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Hugo Cesto

Born in: 1992


Famous artist

Hugo Cesto is a young artist from Orleans, he has managed to assert himself in the art market as one of the most popular artists. Self-taught, he began at the age of 13 with graffiti, but gave up art of lettering for drawing, as it is much more long lasting and gives more freedom. A former artistic director for the famous haute couture company namely Junko Shimada,today he has signed an exclusive contract at a prestigious Parisian gallery. His paintings draws inspiration from graffiti which is based on movement and elaborate colors. His lively creations sway between street art and fine art. Each of his creations convey a message, question our society. Colors glorify joy and simplicity of life while triggering questions. He tries to analyze people who seem to have put down roots in a modern society, but he also mirrors our emotions, and forges invisible ties between reality and dreams. A delicate challenge for Hugo Cesto. "Masks and birds. These two topics are an allegory of the artist (...) One thinks about "Albatros" Baudelaire (name of my second exhibition in November 2013). Masks (I prefer to refer to them as "masks" rather than "skulls" or "faces" as it highlights their mystical role in my art) which leads to personify the artist's state of mind. It's more than a simple representation, they convey feelings in an infinite and unpredictable manner. They portray human feelings and the various states of the subconscious. The free-flowing birds are the artist's trademark but mostly of the individual who is repressed under the social structure and the city. The hilarious masks question and examine passers-by ironically! (...) I deliberately insist on the idea that each work is mystical, sacred and the notion of timelessness is extremely important, "explains Hugo Cesto.
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