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Levan Amashukeli

Born in: 1982


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Levan Amashukeli, aka Zmudart from his artist's name, is a self-taught Georgian artist, digital painter and illustrator, born in 1982 in Tbilisi. The digital artworks which he creates, represent his emotional state, his "memory shadows" as he likes naming them, that is people, images and feelings which marked out his artist's route and remain strongly anchored in his imagination, conveying through his creations, a fragmented and chaotic atmosphere, overwhelmed with information and colors, and at the same time ironic. For Levan Amashukeli, the process of creation for every artwork begins from a free, not structured line, which evolves in a intuitive way until form, a subject and a precise scene, as if by magic. Among the main influences of the artist, besides the German expressionism with its violent colors and the aggressive surrealism of its forms, we find among others Franz Marc, Otto Muller, Egon Scheide, Salvador Dali, Magritte, who swayed his childhood through his readings and passed on him the passion of the art. Levan Amashukeli leaves to his spectators a total freedom for the interpretation of his artworks, by ending in these terms: " My art is a universal narrative which can transforms in different meanings. I hope that the spectators who will look at my artworks, will know how to represent them in their own way. Sometimes I collaborate with the viewer, and change the name of my art piece, depending on interesting interpretations of the viewer".
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