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Reinhard Gorner

Born in: 1950


Reinhard Görner was born in 1950 in Leipzig, Germany. He Lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He studied drama, german literature and sinology in Munich and Berlin. He has been an architectural photographer since 1981. Since 2005 he has been a fine art photographer. The work of Reinhard Görner is both intimate, profound and mysterious. With a wide angle format, Görner orchestrates the monumentality of parts as a stage director does with the characters. The viewers are invited to follow the gaze of the photographer, in which the latter projects them inside a space of calmness and serenity. The brightness of his images, the impression of depth and perspective, play with our perception. Reinhard Görner’s photographs capture the beauty of places and reveal our own emotions when we are confronted with space and architecture. The individual character of each place is revealed through the choice of the perspectives. The impression of space is always part of the visitor experience. His photographs are references to the immensity of great architecture that has always been celebrated throughout history.
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Reinhard Gorner, Library of the Abbey in Waldsassen, Bavaria, Photography

Reinhard Gorner

Library of the Abbey in Waldsassen, Bavaria, 2015
59.8 x 63 x 1.2 inch


Reinhard Gorner, Neustift Abbey library, Photography

Reinhard Gorner

Neustift Abbey library, 2016
50 x 59.4 x 1.2 inch


Reinhard Gorner, Francke Foundations IV, Photography

Reinhard Gorner

Francke Foundations IV, 2014
59.8 x 50 x 1.2 inch


Reinhard Gorner, Alte National galerie, Berlin, Photography

Reinhard Gorner

Alte National galerie, Berlin, 2011
50 x 35.4 inch


Reinhard Gorner, Enfilade, Bode Museum, Photography

Reinhard Gorner

Enfilade, Bode Museum, 2011
75.6 x 62.2 inch


Reinhard Gorner, Milich'sche Library I, Görlitz, Photography

Reinhard Gorner

Milich'sche Library I, Görlitz, 2016
50 x 51.2 inch

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