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Hermann Amann

Born in: 1934


Hermann Amann was born in 1934 in Bad-Bellingen, Germany. Hermann Amann was quickly accustomed to the idea of "Thoughts" and despite his young age, he mixed with the Circle of Basel and became friends with Karl Jaspers.

He came to Paris in 1954, and dedicated himself to painting and demonstrated the refusal for dominating movements and publicized art in his work. Amann decided to take a certain path and hasn't left since, a practice where permanent dialog with philosophy and studying art is still preserved from the impoverishing effects of fashion, namely painting.

In the 80's, he knew that it was impossible for existing pictorial material to be combined with "the higher space of color", therefore he decided to look for new materials, techniques and shapes. He created the «Nouvelle Pigmentation» in 1986. Initially it was to show that color wasn't satisfied with the classical means of presentation (gouache, watercolors, oil etc.) to display its true strength.

Hermann Amann discovered that he was genuinely interested by Kandinsky strokes, Herbin's triangles or even Pollock's drippings, who are creative themselves and don't use existing forms to represent art.

But early 80's, he came across the group «New New Painting» from New York, polymer gel (a binder that can be preserved without altering the reflective property of fluorescent pigments) and the invention of the particle (a form which has the ability to contain the fluorescent by imposing the look towards an indirect vision of colors that it covers), therefore an accomplishment of his research.

Since then, as he has found a unique and new language, he today uses several themes of thoughts with this unprecedented technique.
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Hermann Amann, Mutation du logiciel temporel polymère de l’acrylique sur la couleur, Painting

Hermann Amann

Mutation du logiciel temporel polymère de l’acrylique sur la couleur, 2008
29.5 x 41.7 inch


Hermann Amann, Trois couleurs primaires rassemblant 6 à 21, Drawing

Hermann Amann

Trois couleurs primaires rassemblant 6 à 21, 1978
11.8 x 8.3 inch


Hermann Amann, Cheval de Troie, Painting

Hermann Amann

Cheval de Troie, 2009
29.5 x 41.7 inch


Our recommendations Hermann Amann, Passage du mur de feu, Painting

Hermann Amann

Passage du mur de feu, 2008
29.5 x 41.7 inch


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