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Heiko Haschlar

Born in: 1951


Heiko Haschlar is a german painter, born in 1951. He works on different sizes (from 13 x 18 up to 120 cm x 160 cm), with paintings in oil or acrylic. "According to the principles of surrealism, the surprising mise en abîme creates a magical effect. Heiko Haschlar is part of the poetic tendency of the current, as represented in H.Ch. Andersen's tales. His works are not scary though: they take the viewer into a dreamlike atmosphere." He started his studies at the Kunstschule Bodensee in Constance, that he attended for 8 semesters (from 1982 to 1986 Heiko Haschlar was in charge of an art project by Professor Paul Dietrich). In 1971 he had his first exhibitions and participations in a group exhibition at the "Kunsthaus Zürich" museum in Switzerland. He had more than 60 exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy and France, until today.
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  • German Artist

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Surrealism comes to the gallery
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