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Ioam Yumako

Born in: 1977


Ioam Yumako, aka Milosh Herzig, is a Polish painter born in Szczecin Stettin, Poland in 1977. In 1981, he moved to Germany with his parents. He studied graphic design and began experimenting with digital photography. He lives and works in Berlin. He mostly draws inspiration from Japanese art mainly manga and animation. One can find various elements from different schools of manga, but Ioam works mainly with the Neo-pop theme. The various social and cultural origins help him expand his creative spectrum. His work is about manufacturing fine oil painting with contemporary Japanese patterns. In his major works, he focuses on details such as eyes of the figures, and with the help of light and color, he is able to enrich the painting through an illusion of movement. He usually paints feminine and masculine faces, or neutral sexes, he is able to show the nature of the character, simply by capturing the facial expression. In his artistic approach, the artist combines the hyper-realist aspect with pop technicolor culture. He highlights the eyes of his figures. Yumako uses elements from animation movies and paints them like a direct insinuation of rebellion against the Western culture. His characters emanate innocence, purity and wisdom. In his most abstract work, he explores the darkest emotions possible, like sadness, despair and emptiness. Yumako's charm leans on fine oil painting techniques, he mixes this with a modern pop art look, giving his work an ironic look of mass consumption and culture. The manga characters have been part of the traditional pop culture for a while, but their personality has managed to retain integrity and chastity. Yumako is able to remind us of the old tradition and at the same time conserve the plastic Neo-pop look in his portraits.
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Ioam Yumako, Purple Shodo, Painting

Ioam Yumako

Purple Shodo, 2011
54.3 x 51.2 x 2 inch


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