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Katharina Grosse

Born in: 1961


Emergent Artist

Katharina Grosse is a German artist, born in 1961. Attracted to reading and writing at a very young age, she ended up choosing painting as her means of expression. She loves the speed at which the paint brush transcribes an idea or a concept, without explaining it, simply by realising it. The sprays, colours and materials are uncontrolled, they take over the canvas, removing the artist from a part of her work. Katharina Grosse is fascinated by man’s capacity to reflect on large issues while being so small. The finiteness of the being is understood brilliantly by the human mind, whose intellect exceeds the human condition. From this observation, her resulting artistic production is rich in colour, electric, extraordinary. The rapidity of the gestures translate the immensity of the universe and the vastness of human thought. The artist uses sprays to paint, in order to work quickly, and tends towards the instantaneous transcription of a sudden, vivid thought.
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  • Painting

  • Painting Abstract

  • Painting Acrylic

  • German Artist

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