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Áron Gábor

Born in: 1954


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Aron Gábor lives and works in Budapest and Badacsonytomaj. The main features of his art are a loose, free picturesque with vigorous graphics elements, and the lightly and naturally way how he uses and interrelates the different mediums, under the influence of Miklós Erdélyi and the Indigo-circle. The sliding and mirroring of the different layers plays the main role in his paintings, graphics, experimental films and installations. His paintings with they strong colour contrasts, based on warm-cold colour effects, using gold and silver with very subtle transitions in the details, and the exotic motifs connects him to partly to the artists of the new-sensibility, while his unbound media usage and the analyser, experimenter intention hidden in his works make him part of the last, ironical-travesty generation of the neo-avant-garde. After his grant in Rome series focusing on one theme (column, portal, head), setting off the free, sensual, elemental picturesque and the individual variability of the motif.
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Few works remaining by Áron Gábor

These are the last remaining works by Áron Gábor.
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Hard and soft | group exhibition

Faur Zsófi Gallery

Hard and soft | group exhibition
From October, 12 To November, 13 2017

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