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Balu Mashe

Born in: 1963


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Balu Mashe is the eldest son of the famous Indian tribal artist, Jivya Soma Mashe. Like his brother Sadashiv, he was raised by his father. Both brothers have, however, developed di erent styles. Balu’s sometimes achieves excellence, particularly when he paints one of his favorite themes, that of the horse. Composed of two triangles that meet tip to tip, the body of the horse appears on the canvas like an abstract motif. Only the mane and tail give the creature form. Composed of an infinity of tightly woven fine lines, their sinuosity imbues the composition with dynamism. The surface of the canvas is primed with a ground like a faint brown wash but is made with the liquid of cow dung. The white, the only other color in the paint- ing, hieratically inscribes the motifs on the canvas. Beside the horse there are a moon and a sun: this is a cosmic horse. The etymology of the words “cavalier” and “cavalry” comes from Sanskrit and relates to an ambivalent combination of power and harmony. The horse, which is feared when it is associated with the notion of an invader, becomes redemptive when it is white, as this is the color of horses of saints and heroes. Drawing on Warli mythology, Balu Mashe’s white horse is an incarnation of perpetual movement and harmony. Balu also excels at subjects related to water in all its forms, from the monsoon rains to the Salt Sea. Water provides him with inspiration. Balu Mashe’s work was shown in many exhibitions during the 1980s, including the one that marked the publication of the book The Warlis, Tribal Paintings and Legends, which was held at the Chemould Gallery in Mumbai.
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Balu Mashe, Sacred Horse, Painting

Balu Mashe

Sacred Horse, 2015
44.9 x 67.7 inch


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