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Gayatri Gamuz

India Born in: 1966
Translation in progress

In search of silence, in search of the self. Her work emerges from the silence within and the understanding of the oneness and unity of all. The manifestation of the immaterial goes beyond the mind and touches a representation of a contemplative and introspective inner space that transcends the named reality and enters the unnameable. 

Gayatri Gamuz was born in 1966 in Rojales, Spain. She studied in the Art School in Alicante and in the School of Ceramics in Manises, Valencia. She lives in India since 1992 together with her husband, Indian English poet and writer Ananda Surya and they have two children.

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Gayatri Gamuz, Untitled 14, Painting

Gayatri Gamuz

Untitled 14, 2019
36 x 36 inch


Gayatri Gamuz, Untitled 25, Painting

Gayatri Gamuz

Untitled 25, 2020
59 x 37 inch


Gayatri Gamuz, Untitled 1, Painting

Gayatri Gamuz

Untitled 1, 2019
54 x 79 inch


Gayatri Gamuz, Untitled 3, Painting

Gayatri Gamuz

Untitled 3, 2018
54 x 79 inch


Gayatri Gamuz, Untitled 11, Painting

Gayatri Gamuz

Untitled 11, 2018
48 x 48 inch


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