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Subhash Vyam

Born in: 1970


Subhash Vyam is an Indian artist born in 1970 in Sanpuri, India. Subhash Vyam started working before the age of 10, he worked in a store selling Betel leaves to feed himself and his parents and then did several other jobs, ranging from road building to working in a serigraphy printing shop. In his free time, he liked making small pieces in clay and encouraged by his family, he continued in this same artistic path and started selling his pieces. After finishing his studies, Subhash continued working with clay and did some pieces in wood during his free time. He likes using the color black and often uses ink on paper as support. His favorite subjects are aquatic life, which he learned to appreaciate while growing up in the village of Sonpuri, near Patangarh. Inspired by his wife Durga Bai, who has a vast recervoir of tales, Subhash started painting characters and scenes from these stories.
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Subhash Vyam, La terre nourricière, Painting

Subhash Vyam

La terre nourricière, 2014
28 x 20.1 x 0.8 inch


Subhash Vyam, The flying lyon, Painting

Subhash Vyam

The flying lyon, 2014
11 x 15 x 0.8 inch


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