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Adam Sabhan

Born in: 1972


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Adam is a self- made plastic artist who built his career depending on his own effort. He started from his country and headed to enter the plastic art world, and today his art became an independent school that has its own Orwellian nature, and his art works are shown in the most important museums and deep-routed galleries.
His colored characters are formed in a violent way that indicates to a deep rebel psychologies that exceeded the entire impressionist and pictorial school techniques, which sometimes fail to express themselves.

“I look after my works very gently more than parents to their children, and in spite of the mystery and the marginal of these works, I call them the isolation entities” Sabhan Adam says.
My paintings and experience are greater and more important than to be explained or connected with a land or an ideological idea, or even to be called paintings.
My paintings are much more important than to be owned by a person or a VIP, or even to be exhibited in international museums, institutes or galleries, or to be sold in auctions or criticized in a negative or positive way.”He assures.

Sabhan Adam emphasizes that his human creations are attached to the pain, fear and phobia which our society constantly suffers from.
His pioneer art experience was an inspiration for lots of his generation, and subsequent generations of artists who inspired from his rebel works a lot. Many of them where followers and the others were imitators from all over the world.

The dramatic impact of the work of Sabhan Adam has changed the Arab art path and history clearly, and transformed it from path to another. So, this art became an elitist work which can be felt by elites and simple people also. And that made him an unique and unrepeated person who was able to be a pioneer in his field that his achievements cannot be reached either in creating values, evolution or quantity.

His works are marked with honesty so far from falseness, allegation and black hearts. It is hard to abstract his experience in neither words nor sentences no matter what they are, because the truth is that he is bigger and greater than to be illustrated or explained, and we can say that justice requires taking our hats off to Sabhan Adam always.

His painting method differs between skepticism and humor, pain and despotism which we can call it “an explosion inside the Arabic and international art”

“O Adam drive me away from Adam”, we canal most listen to this voice going out from Sabhan's paintings when we look at them because, the artist doesn’t depict the human face as in the verse of the holy Koran: “the best stature”, but this face comes from the womb of nature in its initial primitivism, on the contrary of the “beauty” of mind and law at the same time.

The human being seems to be searching for himself in his paintings and wondering: “is it me who I am?” for the features are mixed with inhuman ones; distorted from their nature, and this distortion has a special aesthetic that is reflected in the protest, incitement, mutiny, and rebellion and is also expressed in the organic mixture between drawing and life. Painting is life; and the ego is a human and zoological entity, and this combination convulses the identity borders of the painting from one side, and creates a new strength that exceeds the usual human strength from the other one.

Sabhan Adam works show crowds and masses of human monsters regain the human penitence in all its psychological stages. His shapes and normal items get rid of their local prison to strangle in the prison of absurd existence, it’s as if that the dramatic space in its wideness is trapped by a jar of repression, and spiritual noise.

The upcoming art in the twenty-first century will be “the transcend art” and for that the artist must be unique, rebel and has his own character that shows within this unlimited field, and this is what we can find in Sabhan Adam's paintings.

Adam's art experience- who constitutes a distinct and special phenomenon in the plastic art - glowed after the nineties as one of the most important artists of post-modernism, and now he works in an independent foundation that he directs personally and publish esluxurious art books about his paintings with self funding.

In spite of his strong existence in the Arabic and international plastic art field, he doesn’t acquiesce for any standards in marketing his work, instead he imposes what he has in a streamlined way as flexible as water which made the Selling movement for his work so vivid that more than 90% of his production is not pictured, because it's requested immediately after being painted. Recently, his paintings are sold directly to customers and for those who are interested in art industry and art collectors in addition to galleries, and most of his paintings are sold indistinctive, and unique deals that reflect the other capabilities and non-artistic qualifications of the artist as well.
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Adam Sabhan, Portrait, Drawing

Adam Sabhan

Portrait, 2003
39.4 x 27.6 x 0 inch

$2,972 $3,302

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