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David Gerstein

Born in: 1944



David Gerstein is a visual artist born in 1944 in Jérusalem.

A real globe trotter and studious, David Gerstein studied art in several schools around the world. At first in Jérusalem, David Gerstein studied at the Academy of Bezalel, before leaving to Paris in order to study at the School of Fine Arts in 1960. Two years later, it is in New York that he continued his studies at the Art Student League. Three internationally recognized schools, but David Gerstein did not stop there. Several years later, in 1974 he obtained a diploma at the St Martin's School of Art in London.

He nourishes himself from his artistic studies and from the culture of the different cities where he has lived. Dynamic metropolis that allowed him to open his spirit globaly. His experience allow him to be at ease with all kinds of media. Engraving, painting, sculpture and drawing have no secret for him, without forgetting his mural and monumental créations. At the beginning of his careeer, Career Gerstein decided to be a draftsman for children, a vocation that won him the prize of illustration from the museum in Israel.

Th artist is encouraged by his desire to break the boundary between street art and museum art. His pieces has to be address to everyone, to professionals of the artistic coummunity as well as to neophytes. For that he uses a pop style of jovial colors, resembling nature and a figurative style. He depicts playful scenes of life, full of movement. A frantic rythme that allows him to denounce our lifestyles and a way to animate his pieces. He keeps a watchful eye on his models and does not fail to add a bit of humor to his créations.

In 1980, David Gerstein created "Carved Figures". This latter piece was made with cutted steel. A practice that allowed him to go beyong sculpture and do three dimensional painting. Seeing the big picture, it is him who did the biggest public sculpture in Singapure " Momentum.

Finally, David Gertein embarked in a project to reach the biggest number. The principle, was to create a multiple of pieces in limited edition at a reduced price. An additional approach that allows him to make art accessible to everyone.

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David Gerstein, Lips Liner, Sculpture

David Gerstein

Lips Liner, 2016
30.3 x 47.2 x 4.7 inch


David Gerstein, Lipstick, Sculpture

David Gerstein

Lipstick, 2015
31.5 x 28.3 x 5.9 inch


David Gerstein, Blue Note B, Sculpture

David Gerstein

Blue Note B, 2007
31.5 x 44.1 x 9.8 inch

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Few works remaining by David Gerstein

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Galerie Duret

From June, 19 To July, 21 2018

Galerie Duret

Paper Works
From November, 26 To January, 12 2018

Galerie Duret

From September, 16 To October, 31 2017

Galerie Duret

David Gerstein, Sculpture on the Wall // Paris
From June, 8 To August, 30 2017

Galerie Duret

David Gerstein, Sculpture on the Wall // Brussels
From June, 11 To August, 30 2017

Galerie Duret

Spring Rider - Brussels
From March, 16 To April, 28 2017

Galerie Duret

Spring Rider - Paris
From March, 22 To April, 28 2017

Galerie Duret

Kiss for a New Year - Paris
From December, 9 To January, 28 2017


From December, 16 To April, 15 2017

Galerie Duret

A Kiss for the New Year - Brussels
From December, 2 To January, 28 2017


Bubble Dream
From September, 17 To December, 10 2016

Galerie Duret

September - Group Exhibition
From September, 16 To October, 28 2016

Galerie Duret

Flower Power
From March, 25 To May, 28 2016

Galerie Duret

From February, 12 To March, 25 2016

Galerie Duret

Let’s Go To Disco Tonight
From December, 4 To January, 20 2016

Galerie Duret

Lignes, Formes & Couleurs
From September, 10 To November, 20 2015

Galerie Duret

Sea, Art & Sun
From June, 11 To July, 31 2015

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