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Eitan Friedman

Born in: 1953


Born in 1953, Eitan Friedman is an Israeli artist. The artist uses a technique called Impasto to add volume to his pieces. He applies layers of oil paint and superimpose them in order to create an impression of third dimension and spectacular visual effects. Instead of using a brush, Eitan Friedman applies the paint with the help of a palette knife, this technique allows him to play with the dimension and the shapes, creating thick surfaces and delicate colorful lines at the same time. Eitan Friedman's work attracts the spectator with his rich palette of colors and his rich mixture of shapes that radiates a positive and poetic atmosphere. Eitan Friedman is one of the most distinguished Israeli artist, he is known thanks to his unusual painting techniques and the emotional impact of his paintings on the human soul.
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  • Israeli Artist

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