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Dina Goldstein

Born in: 1969


Famous artist

Dina Goldstein is an Israeli artist born in 1969 in Tel Aviv. After a career in photo-journalism and publishing, Dina Goldstein's pop surrealistic photos have become a true witness of the human condition, and trigger feelings like anger, shame, shock and empathy, when a spectator looks at them. Her work are photo series, which offer a philosophical and satirical vision of the human mind, all the while making a big visual impact. Her creations are of great technical quality.
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Dina Goldstein, Breakfast, Photography

Dina Goldstein

Breakfast, 2011
31.5 x 40.2 x 2 inch


Dina Goldstein, Snowy, Photography

Dina Goldstein

Snowy, 2008
28.3 x 40.2 x 2 inch


Dina Goldstein, Belle, Photography

Dina Goldstein

Belle, 2009
40.2 x 28.3 x 2 inch


Dina Goldstein, Dining alone, Photography

Dina Goldstein

Dining alone, 2012
31.5 x 40.2 x 2 inch


Dina Goldstein, Cinder, Photography

Dina Goldstein

Cinder, 2007
28.3 x 40.2 x 2 inch


Few works remaining by Dina Goldstein

These are the last remaining works by Dina Goldstein.
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galerie Barrou Planquart

Dina Goldstein # Modern Girl
From November, 10 To November, 27 2016

Artelli Gallery

Dina Goldstein : Behind fairy tales
From September, 15 To November, 6 2016

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