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Angelo Bellini

Born in: 1938


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Angelo Bellini was born in 1938 in Mantova, Italy. He lives and works in Italy. Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan, Italy. DREAMS staggered to « STORYTELLER OF IMAGES » « It is important for me to paint to understand, because I want the anxiety gives way to hope. » Angelo Bellini is a figurative painter of great culture, and nature fascinates him as an eternal truth, is its main source of inspiration. His ambitious painting combines technical quality, originality and fun to speak first. Keys are dynamic but totally controlled, and creating a style between puzzle and offbeat dreams. The image is loading of effects which come from interior, shreds of childhood shown by a break with the solid lines. His dreams allow him to penetrate further into the invisible world, in search of a prestigious and nostalgic music, in order to externalize this nature observed and constantly relived his own existence. Then he gives an image of the real world idealized by pieces of wonderful memory, and his representation of the campaign transfigured by light, creeps into unusual chromatic harmonies. The plural vision of the same subject allows him to escape from the constraints of classical painting, in bold snapshots, as the distortion of the image materializes in the way of a « crossfade » used by filmmakers . The disturbing result surprises us « in stop into the limit of the painting » where the emotion comes from ephemeral sensations due to the « offset-rigged ». Bellini seeks to create awareness in the viewer, his spiritual truth and his serene fulfillment of man, in agreement with the exceeding riches of his artistic maturity. In the representation of some still lifes and architectures of Venetian palaces, he deepens the shadows to better reflect light in a modern aesthetic choice. Life is there, palpable in the flights of pigeons and suggested characters, the time of a wonder due to the rustle of the time. Colours blend in alternating sequences and translate osmosis between instantaneous and continuity, between fantasy and reality. Angelo Bellini has the soul of a contemplative and naturalistic paintings reflect so well the feelings of the Italian poet Giovanni Pascoli « odor di e fresco verde e gioventù » … (fresh smell of greenery and Youth), the soul an « image storyteller » for literary idealized landscapes. Annie Right-Girard INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS: Germany, England, Australia, Canada, USA, France, Italy, Japan, Netherlands. PRESENCE IN MUSEUMS: Museum of Contemporary Art in Sassoferrato, Italy. Contemporary Art Museum in Rome, Italy. Contemporary Art Museums of Padua, Italy. Contemporary Art Museum of Cagliari, Italy. Pinacoteca Friuli in Grosseto, Italy. Museum of Palermo, Italy.
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Angelo Bellini, Sequenze in Rosso, Painting

Angelo Bellini

Sequenze in Rosso, 2015
39.4 x 31.9 x 0.8 inch


Angelo Bellini, Alberi sul torrente, Painting

Angelo Bellini

Alberi sul torrente, 2015
31.5 x 31.5 x 0.8 inch


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