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Eugenio Tibaldi

Born in: 1977


Emergent Artist

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Eugenio Tibaldi was born in Alba (Cuneo), Italy, in 1977. He lives and works in Turin, Italy. Searching for ways to understand contemporary human dynamics, the artist studies societies, social structures and individual perceptions of the world around us, which are often masked by a larger narrative. As his works reflect the area and population where he exhibits, Tibaldi sees his meticulously thought-through exhibitions as post-projects, which are only made possible by a historical view of a given locality. Principally interested in perception, the artist’s work is intrinsically linked to the context where it is shown. Each person creates their own perception of reality and uses it to build a universe around them. The personal worlds of a city’s inhabitants can thus reveal quite a bit about its dynamics. Tibaldi has taken the city of Brussels as both the conceptual and the material core for the works on view. Before creating an artwork, the artist does a research into the history of the place where the works will be exhibited. Rather than working with classical materials associated with the noble tradition of creating artworks, Tibaldi works with substances which are a part of everyday contemporary life. Grants & Awards 2011 Talent Prize 2011, IV edition, Musei Capitolini, Centrale Montemartini, Rome, Italy 12° Premio Cairo, selected finalist artist by Eduardo Cicelyn, Palazzo della Permanente, Milan, Italy Cy Twombli Prize, Italian Affiliated Fellow in Visual Arts, American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy 2006 Mario Razzano Prize, selected artist by Gigiotto Del Vecchio, Sannio Museum, Rocca dei Rettori, Benevento, Italy 2004 Mario Razzano Prize, 1st edition, Sannio Museum, Rocca dei Rettori, Benevento, Italy Residencies 2006 XII Advanced Course of Visual Arts (CSAV), with the visiting Professor Marjetica Potrc, Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como, Italy.
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Eugenio Tibaldi - Posthumous Identity


Eugenio Tibaldi - Posthumous Identity
From April, 19 To May, 12 2018