Davide Galbiati

Born in: 1976



Davide Galbiati was born in 1976 in Magenta, Italy. He lives and works in Vaison-la-Romaine, France. He studied at the Professional Institute of Sculpture in Ortisei, Val Gardena, Bolzano (Italy). He took anatomy courses with Alberto Lolli from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy.

Drawing hands is a challenge for any artist. Managing to sculpt them and bring them to life is always amazing. Thanks to his excellent knowledge of the human anatomy, Galbiati sculpts the wood (and concrete too) with remarkable ease. One can notice in his work the influence of the great Italian school.

"The sculptor's science and gift is the fact that everything rises and nothing falls. Davide Galbiati goes beyond these cold calculations in the balance of the energies at play. His rigor, always there, is well hidden under the vegetal depth, the movement of life, the presence of a soul."

- Aude of Kerros

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Davide Galbiati, Feeling white, Sculpture

Davide Galbiati

Feeling white, 2013
66 x 32 x 18 cm

3 000 €

Davide Galbiati, Protect your seed, Sculpture

Davide Galbiati

Protect your seed, 2016
132 x 35 x 20 cm

6 600 €

Davide Galbiati, Souvenir d'un poirier, Sculpture

Davide Galbiati

Souvenir d'un poirier, 2015
47 x 40 x 20 cm

1 600 €

Davide Galbiati, Etoile noire, Sculpture

Davide Galbiati

Etoile noire, 2015
220 x 50 x 25 cm

9 500 €

Prince & Princess Art Gallery

Eva Kloetgen & Davide Galbiati
From September, 28 To October, 29 2016
Paris - France

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