Ilaria Bochicchio

Born in 1988 - Italy


biography under completion

Ilaria Bochicchio was born in 1988, graduated at the European Design Institute in Rome in 2010 and moved to Milan the following year, where she attended the Faculty of Modern Letters and Mi / Master.

She began her career as an illustrator and graphic designer by publishing books such as "Adrian wants to go to school", adopted by Amnesty International for the value of its social content, and Luciano Minerva's novel "A lifetime is not enough. Memories from a Metamorphosis". Her illustrations were published in several magazines: NuRant, Hestetika, Liber, Corriere della Sera's blog.

She has experimented with multiple languages and techniques: collage, engraving, digital art and sculpture, until she completely focuses on painting in 2014 when her research #chambres began.

In 2015, she was selected as one of the hundred artists chosen for the Young Artist Biennale, with European participation. The following year she participated in the collective Form and No.Form along with American Abstract Expressionism exponent, Natvar Bhavsar (born in 1934), at the Salomon Arts Gallery of TriBeCa, New York. She has exhibited in several personal and collective exhibitions in Italy, Berlin, San Sebastiàn, Miami and New York, where in June 2017 she presented her latest research #chambre works with her personal exhibition P A I N T I N G S.

Artist, largely self-taught, she began her pictorial study in an attempt to transform and translate unconscious impulses into shapes. A direct and instinctive language getting to the canvas unfiltered. Ilaria Bochicchio's bodies are closed in claustrophobic compositions. Each room is the place where these pieces of indolent flesh live, represented in their intimate abandonment. There is no anatomical description, but there's the pulse of limbs and muscles distorted and torn.

Her painting seeks a condition that reminds the sensation of human existence. The infinite layers of colour are imprisoned by the final white veil, which, like a worn out skin membrane, lets you see the inside.

The bodies become a white chromatic mass soaked in color. The final draft is reached by brush and spatula strokes aimed at creating a sculptural physicality and a disintegration evoking anthropomorphic figures. The strength and intensity of colour interact with light and create volumes that alternate in solid masses and liquid zones. The figures are filled with sensuality and evoke the anatomy of feminine bodies even in the most "informal" areas of the paintings.

The study of colour, in every canvas, is laden with different connotations through the chromatic atmosphere chosen. The pictorial gesture is exercised by dropping every technical conditioning and solely headed to an inner obsession. The will is to be able to carry, without mediation, a purely instinctive reality described in a composition moving into an expressionist territory. The apparent calm of some profiles contrasts with the neurosis of others, but they all retain the same sign and the same intention.

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2017 – solo exhibition p a i n t i n g s, One art Space Gallery, 23 Warren St, TriBeca, New York

2016 – art performance #chambre Open Source Gallery, curata The Creators Collective, 306 17th St, Brooklyn, New York.

2016 – art performance #chambre in Sicilia, evento privato curato dall’architetto Renato Arrigo

2016 – art performance #chambre, Ready freddy,curata da The Creators Collective, 306 17th St, Brooklyn, New York

2016 – art performance #chambre, ContamiNation, Pau Design Container, Fuori Salone, via Gaspare Rosales 5, Milano

2016 – solo exhibition NoDubdt + performance live portraits, Alphabet, Alzai Naviglio Grande, Milano

2016 – solo exhibition #chambres + art performance, spazio TID, via Pordoi, Baranzate – Milano

2015 – art performance #chambre, No.Body, spazio Mondadori, Alessandria

2015 – solo exhibition #chambres, Mostrami Factory, Fondazione Bracco,via Folli 50, Milano

2015 – art performance Semina l’infinito, Mostrami Factory, Fondazione Bracco, via Folli 50, Milano

2015 – performance #ItaliaDoItBetter, MostraMi Factory, Fuori Salone 2015, Fondazione Bracco, via Folli 50, Milano

2014 – solo exhibition Black Red Withe, grattacielo Pirelli, via Fabio Filzi, Milano

2012 – solo exhibition Bollicine storie di escort papponi donnine e varietà, galleria La Saletta, via Ugo Foscolo, Garbagnate – Milano

2012 – solo exhibition La vera storia di Paul il polpo, Marciana, Isola d’Elba

2012 – solo exhibition Odissea: le Sirene,Scilla e Cariddi,Vacche del Sole e Nausica, galleria La Saletta, via Ugo Foscolo, Garbagnate – Milano

2012 – personale La vera storia di Paul il polpo, galleria La Saletta, via Ugo Foscolo, Garbagnate – Milano

2012 – solo exhibition Odissea: le Sirene, Scilla e Cariddi, Vacche del Sole, Latronico, Basilicata

2012 – Personale Venus nel grattacielo WJC, via Achille Papa, Milano


2017 - collective exhibition, Walking the path, Molin Corvo Gallery, Paris

2017 – collective exhibition Black Hole Sun, Galerie Marzia Frozen, Berlino

2017 – Donostiaen Art Fair, San Sebastián, con la Galeria de arte Gaudí, Madrid, Spagna

2017 – collective exhibition Versus, curata da The Creators Collective, 159 20th Street, Brooklyn, New York

2017 – The Other Art Fair by Saatchi Art, Brooklyn Expo Center, New York

2017 – collective exhibition Street Smart IV, curata da Jarrod Serafine, 119 Ingraham St, Brooklyn, New York

2017 – ev o lu tion, collective art performance, curata da The Creators Collective, 406 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

2017 – Bi-personal exhibition Into the white, con Umberto Savoia, fondatore del Museo Mart di Rovereto, durante MiArt e Fuori Salone, via Larga 4, Milano

2016 – collective exhibition Merry Fake Xmas, studio Factory, via Crocefisso 1, Milano

2016 – collective exhibition + art performance #chambre, D-Koncept, Art Basel, Miami

2016 – collective exhibition Form and No.Form + art performance #chambre, Salomon Arts Gallery, 83 Leonard Street, TriBeCa,New York

2016 – collective exhibition Italia VS America + art performance #chambre, spazio TID, via Pordoi, (MI)

2016 – collective exhibition + residenza Studi Aperti XII edizione, Ameno (Lago D’Orta)

2016 – Affordable Art Fair, Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27, Milano

2016 – collective exhibition (Ilaria + Jay C + Federico) Pillulae In Fieri, Studi Festival / studio Faktory, via Crocefisso 1, Milano

2015 – Young Artists Biennale Mediterranea 17, Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini, Milano

2015 – bi-personal No.Body con Jay C Lohmann + art performance #chambre, Mostrami Factory, Fondazione Bracco, via Folli 50, Milano

2015 – bi-personal con Jay C Lohmann, No.Body, atelier Ovunque, via Roccaforte, Catania

2015 – bi-personal con Jay C Lohmann, No.Body, galleria gli eroici furori, via Melzo 30, Milano

2015 – bi-personal con Jay C Lohmann, No.Body, spazio MakeMake via del Boschetto 121, Roma

2013 – collective exhibition Fu’turismo a Rivello, galleria Emporio Orenga, Rivello, Basilicata

2013 – collective exhibition MostraMi l’arte contemporanea a sostegno della donna, CAM, corso Garibaldi, Milano

2013 – collective exhibition EurHope immagini dal futuro, Palazzo Ducale di Genova

2013 – collective exhibition Dinamismo artistico, galleria La Saletta, via Ugo Foscolo (MI)

2013 – collective exhibition Varietas, MostraMi, Palazzo della Regione, Milano

2013 – collective exhibition OCA (officine creative ansaldo) Spazio Ansaldo, Milano

2012 – collective exhibition MostraMi 5, GAM, corso Garibaldi, Milano

2012 – collective exhibition Le Metamorfosi del Viaggiatore, galleria Gruppo Credito Valtellinese, corso Magenta, Milano

2012 – collective exhibition Brivido ma non rischio, MostraMi, Spazio Revel, Milano

2012 – collective exhibition A.M.A. Chiari, Brescia

2011 – Collecttiva MostraMi, Spazio Revel, Milano

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